Renovation and restoration of the old Court House of Antwerp nearly finished, Antwerp (BE)

About three years ago, we started the renovation of this 100-year-old project, and now, we can announce its nearing ending. Ney & Partners was in charge of the study of the structural interventions for the existing building. The spiral staircase had its formwork removed earlier this week. It is entirely cast in place: every storey again first the parapet, and then the slab with steps. The connection between parapet and slab is ensured by couplers and anchored bars. The curved rebar was modelled in a 3D-based 2D plan. Other interventions were a pink pavilion for transport of detainees, a reddish peristyle for sheltered wandering, and several other typical and less typical renovating operations. Ney & Partners was in the design team: Hub, Origin, Bureau Bouwtechniek, RCR, Daidalos Peutz, Optimit, and FPC. Contractor – copyright photo: Artes Roegiers.

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