Execution works wooden bicycle and pedestrian bridge started, Tervuren (BE)

The execution phase of another project of the ‘Working on the Ring Road’ RO around Brussels that Ney & Partners is designing for De Werkvennootschap has started since March. The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the busy Vierarmenkruispunt (Four Arms intersection) will be an important link on the yet-to-be-built F29 cycle highway connecting Brussels, Tervuren and Leuven. The bridge will allow cyclists to comfortably and safely cross the Brussels ring road. The timber bridge has a width of 6 m and spans 67 m, being a long span for this construction material. The structure is mainly realized with LVL panels. The typology is a modern version of a timber truss bridge. An old and proven concept frequently used for timber bridges. A roof as a part of the main structure covers the whole structure to protect the wood against rain and gives the bridge its required structural height. Interior finishings will be realized with local European larch wood. The bridge should be ready by the end of 2023.

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