Prefabrication of LVL timber panels finished, new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Brussels Ring, Tervuren (BE)

Our visit to Holzbau Amann’s workshop earlier this summer was an enlightening meeting. The workshop buzzed with activity as skilled craftsmen meticulously pre-assembled the wooden panels that will soon form the backbone of a pioneering footbridge: Vier Armen Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge – bi-supported hollow box girder with a remarkable span of 67.5 m, that will cross the Brussels ring. Another project of ‘ Werken aan de Ring ‘ that Ney & Partners is designing for De Werkvennootschap in collaboration with Omgeving, SBE, D+A Consult, Mint, Hesselteer. The LVL panels (Kerto from MetsaWood) were glued in Germany by STRAB Ingenieurholzbau Hermsdorf GmbH  to a thickness of up to 21 cm. The concealed connections, meticulously designed with embedded steel plate and dowels, promise a finish that will be both easy to install and durable.  The design of the timber bridge is a collaboration by Ney & Partners and Ney & Partners WOW. The Executive structural engineer is SBlumer. The General contractor is ViaBuild Timber and the subcontractor is Holzbau Amann.



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