Ney & Partners designs the foot and bicycle bridge in Vannes (FR)

The footbridge creates an urban link by encouraging the connection of neighbourhoods around the station area. It crosses the railway tracks perpendicularly over a total length of 60 m. On either side of the footbridge, the persons with reduced mobility, pedestrian and cyclist links are integrated into a large “rotunda”, and are materialised in three distinct elements forming a radial composition: a central lift, a semi-circular staircase and a spiral ramp. This is the most compact organisation possible, allowing direct access between the urban space and the footbridge, protected from the weather. Rising to 13.8 m, it becomes a beacon of light at night, a strong element of appeal in the new Vannes station area.

This project is a project won by Ney & Partners BXL, Ney & Partners France, Egis Structures et Environnement SAS, Egis Villes & Transports SAS, Atelier Villes & Paysages, Scene Publique.

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