Mounting of LVL timber panels ongoing, new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Brussels Ring, Tervuren (BE)

A new type of timber construction is emerging from the Sonian Forest. In Tervuren carpenters from Holzbau Amann are working at breakneck speed to assemble the wooden footbridge on the ground, close to its final position. Despite challenging weather conditions with heavy rain, the progress in lifting and assembling the LVL #Kerto panels remains on track. The 6 sections of roof, wall and deck panels are being assembled with continuous joints to form the 67.5 m long crossing. To protect against high humidity, a temporary protective film is used to ensure optimum conditions for the timber elements while awaiting the finishing components.

  • Client: De Werkvennootschap,
  • Design: THV Zoniën Mobiel – Ney & Partners, Omgeving, SBE, D+A Consult, Mint, Hesselteer,
  • Design timber bridge: Ney & Partners, Ney & Partners WOW,
  • Executive structural engineer: SBlumer,
  • General contractor: ViaBuild,
  • Timber subcontractor: Holzbau Amann.

Image: Corentin Haubruge.


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