Krugerbridge and Zuidwegbridge installed, Antwerp (BE)

During the night of 11-12 June the contractor mounted both steel bridges above the Schroeilaan and the railway line 52 (Antwerp-Puurs). The Krugerbrug is situated on the border between ‘district Antwerpen’ and Hoboken. It connects the Hoboken residential area with the nature reserve “Hobokense Polder” and Blue Gate. The latter is currently under development. At macro scale the bridge will connect Hoboken and Hemiksem with the ‘Scheldekaai’ and the city center of Antwerp. The new bridge has a span of over 57 m, a cycle path of 2 m wide in each direction and a footpath of 2 m wide. The Zuidweg bridge has a span of 20 m and a cycle path of 2 m wide in each direction. Both bridges have access ramps that rise gradually for optimal cycling comfort. Weathering steel was chosen since it requires no maintenance, making it the perfect solution for a bridge above a railway line. copyright: LUCID

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