The coming weekends of 12th of May and 2nd of June the first parts of the new Antwerp-West interchange will be opened, Antwerp (BE)

At this location where the E17 and the Antwerp Ring Road meet, this project will improve road safety, increase capacity and improve traffic flow for motorized transport. Because the roads are now closer together, 10 hectares of space will be freed up for additional green space: the Katwilgbos. A bridge over the new motorway will be built near the Kennedy tunnel. The Park Bridge is part of the Ring Park West. The Ring cycle path will cross the motorway safely via this bridge and extend the cycle connection to Sint-Anna and the cycle tube of the new Scheldt tunnel.

Ney & Partners was responsible for the further development of the design and preparation of the construction plans for the contracting consortium RINK.

ZJA are the architectural designers of the traffic intersection.

Copyright image: Lantis and Flywel

More info: https://architectenweb.nl/nieuws/artikel.aspx?ID=55454

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