‘Sunset March’ on ‘De Oversteek’ Intangible Heritage Netherlands, Nijmegen (NL)

On 24 December 2020, the ‘Sunset March’ was included in the collection of Intangible Heritage Netherlands. The ‘Sunset March’ is a daily tribute. Every evening at sunset, a veteran walks on the bridge ‘de Oversteek’ when, one by one, the 48 light posts of the street lighting are turned on. These lamps symbolise the 48 soldiers of the US 82nd Airborne who died during the Waal crossing on 20 September 1944.

The 48 light masts are part of the ‘Lights Crossing’ artwork designed by Atelier Veldwerk. The bridge ‘De Oversteek’ was designed by Ney Poulissen Architects Engineers. The bridge, with this work of art, is the largest war monument in Europe at 988 metres long.

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