Start of the de-casting Parkbrug in Ringpark West, Antwerp (BE)

The de-casting of the great arch of the Parkbrug in Ringpark West has started last week. The single 66 meter shell was cast in five consecutive strokes, working from the outside in to close the arch at the highest point. The Park Bridge provides a safe crossing for people and animals at the Antwerp-West interchange. It connects the Burchtse Weel and the future Katwilgbos and is part of the Oosterweel connection. The Ring Cycle Path will be drawn across the motorway (E17) via this bridge to Charles De Costerlaan and the future Scheldt Tunnel. Most of the bridge is planned as an ecological crossing. The Parkbridge, an architectural and structural design by Ney & Partners spans the motorway in a single grand arch, thus creating an unobstructed view from a drivers perspective. The concrete arch shell reaches 10,5 m at the highest point above the motorway and spans 66 m. Arch and side walls form an integral bridge structure. The depth of the ground on top of the shell varies from 0,5 m to 3,5 m, thus allowing for substantial trees to create a truly parklike experience. This project is a collaboration with OMGEVING for Lantis.

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