Singel Park bridges nominated for the Dutch National Steel Prize 2022 (NL)

We are pleased that the Singelpark bridges in Leiden have been nominated for the National Steel Award 2022 in category D – Infrastructure. The winners will be announced during the Staalbouwdag on the 4th of October at the AFAS premises in Leusden. The brief of the municipality to design five pedestrian bridges in a park was exceptional. The bridges are intended for the Singelpark that forms a circle around the city. They fulfill their classic role as connecting elements, but also have to be more than just that. The bridges are constructed by U-shaped transversal elements from weathering steel, which have both the function of parapet and of transversal stiffener. The U-shaped elements are connected by a series of stainless steel spheres that form a structural arch in the parapet.

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