Renovation WTCB/CSTC office building started, Brussels (BE)

Last month, the renovation of the WTCB/CSTC office building in Zaventem started. As a promoter of technological innovation in the construction sector, this renovation must become an exemplary project in many areas, including circular economy and the application of green facades.
The project concerns the renovation of a building from 1999. Despite its relatively young age, the existing building shows significant defects in terms of energy performance, daylight, ventilation and acoustics. A radical renovation of the building envelope and the technical equipment is therefore necessary.
BOVAArchitects and Ney & Partners conceived a green façade as an independent structural layer which does not use the existing concrete structure vertically to support the new weight of the modular receptacles (the ‘mini-gardens’). In principle, such a system can be applied to existing facades regardless of their properties and load-bearing capacity.
The forward-looking approach of the WTCB/CSTC to the project is in line with the philosophy and objectives of the European Green Deal program. This is a project of BOVAA Architects in collaboration with Denis Dujardin, Daidalos, Bureau Bouwtechniek and Bert Leroy.

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