Pavilion Park Um Belval wins German Design Award, Sanem (LUX)

Last week of January the pavilion Belval was announced to be one of the winners of the category Conceptual Architecture of the renown German Design Awards. The pavilion and immersive installation were opened in 2023 with recreational and educational purposes at the site of this mineral water spring at Belval. In the early 20th century it was known all over the world for its exceptional healing power. Dominique Bouche dba.lu et David Richiuso http://BeBunch.com worked with architect-artist Laura Mannelli to unlock the history of the spring. The recreational environment also had to offer rest areas, a restaurant, and sanitary facilities. The installation consists of several round wooden pavilions and plateaus covered with parasols. Ney & Partners assisted the team in the structural studies of the pavilions as well as the design of the parasol structures. They consists of an undulating surface made of highly translucent fabric and features a supporting ‘spoke wheel’ suspended on the column, creating a distinctive visual. While providing weather protections to the visitors, the parasols serve as a focal point during recreational events, transforming into a lively stage when needed. http://german-design-award.com/en/the-winners/gallery/detail/48550-pavillon-source-bel-val.html

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