Opening of the Reep bridge, Kortrijk (BE)

Tonight, the city of Kortrijk and ‘De Vlaamse Waterweg’ will open the pedestrian and bicycle bridge that finishes the ‘Leiewerken’ (River Leie works). The bridge forms a crucial link between Overleie and the tip of the Buda island. The tip itself has been transformed into a city park with a sunbathing area, a playground and a viewing platform on the river. The Reep bridge is the 8th new bridge in the city since the beautification of the river banks started in 1995. The river once again plays a leading role in the experience of the city centre. The first reason for the reconstruction of the river banks was the widening of the clearance height for ships with 3 layers of containers. The Reepbrug is a realization of Ney & Partners, Arcadis and Omgeving. In 2009 Ney & Partners completed also the Collegebrug in Kortrijk. (Photo: Stad Kortrijk)

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