Ney & Partners carries out detailed design for DPG Media, Amsterdam (NL)

The new office of @DPG Media in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht of approximately 44.000 m² will be one of the largest wood-hybrid office buildings in the world. Besides office spaces, newsrooms, and recording studios, the building also features test labs, meeting rooms, sports facilities, restaurants and an event location at the waterfront. The majority of the columns and beams of the superstructure are made of glued laminated timber. The floors are made of a state-of-the-art technology called timber-concrete composite structures, consisting of a concrete compression layer on top of CLT panels. The completion of Mediavaert, is planned for the beginning of 2024.

The new DPG Media office is being developed by @Being. The design team consists of @Team V Architecture, @Arup, @DELVA, and @DGMR. Commissioned by @BESIX, Ney & Partners carries out the detailed design for the whole structure and in particular our wood engineers of NEY WOW will optimize the structural wood elements and its connections.

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