Ney & Partners restoring art nouveau façade Hotel Solvay, Brussels (BE)

Hotel Solvay is an art nouveau masterpiece designed by Victor Horta and built between 1895 and 1903 for Armand Solvay. In 2019, some 30 years after the last major restoration campaign, it became apparent that the front ironwork and woodwork were in very poor condition. The diagnosis phase revealed an outward displacement of the façade and a generalized state of corrosion of the metal structures. It was therefore high time to carry out a complete restoration of the majestic façade. While waiting for the complete dismantling of the structure, the left bow window underwent emergency securing work by means of metallic strapping. For this project, Ney & Partners are associated with Barbara Van Der Wee Architects and Luc Reuse for the ironworks. The right bow window is fully renovated and remounted. The left part is being finalized at Reuse’s workplace and will be placed on site in February. The whole renovated façade shall be publicly visible by summer 2023 for the Brussels Art Nouveau Festival 2023. In 2000, the Solvay House was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. https://www.visit.brussels/en/visitors/agenda/art-nouveau-brussels-2023


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