Ney & Partners part of the winning team renovation of iconic tower building, Antwerp (BE)

The iconic multifunctional art deco tower from the 1930s, owned by the KBC bank, will be bought by the project developer ION and Katoen Natiegroep, and renovated into a ‘cultural tower’. For a long time, the tower was the tallest skyscraper in Europe.

In addition to its cultural purpose, the renovated 87.5 m high tower building will have a public passageway with a glazed skylight and retail on the ground floor. Remodelled flats are located between the 11th and 24th floors. The upper floors will also become public with a 360° observatory and panorama room. The tower was constructed of concrete, bricks, and natural stone and underwent a thorough renovation in 1968 when it was completely converted into a bank building. Ney & Partners is delighted to be part of this winning team under the leadership of CONIX-RDBM Architects.
© photo: ION

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