Ney & Partners nominated for the RIBA Stirling Award 2021, London (UK)

Ney & Partners – William Matthews Associates were one of six nominees for their design of the Tintagel Castle footbridge. The RIBA Stirling Award (Royal Institution of British Architects) is the highest British architectural Prize. The award is given to the architect of the building thought to be the most significant of the year for the evolution of architecture and the built environment.  The jury’s comment goes as follows:

“This new bridge is beautifully executed at all scales, from the way it respects the silhouette of the landforms it abuts, down to the tactile detail of its path, made from slate on edge.

Retracing the approximate width and length of the natural land-bridge and castle structures that have long since fallen into the water, the bridge notionally links past with present and physically connects two stranded sections of the castle precinct. With its highly ceremonial presence, articulated in every piece of finely crafted stainless steel, it also allows contemporary visitors to retrace the steps of predecessors who would have passed through this section of the castle to gain entry to the grand hall on the island side.

Technical achievement and degree of difficulty metrics are high in this project where construction logistics and material specification have all been expertly handled. It also sets the bar very high above the potentially choppy waters of the competitions and commissioning process, standing out as an exemplar of how projects should be run, having been taken from concept to delivery without dither or delay.

This is much more than a bridge. It is a connector, an enabler, an interpreter and a spectacle all within its own right.”

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