Mounting of new bike and footbridge over the ring road Brussels (BE)

The two largest sections of the new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians that will span the Brussels ring road were placed safely on Saturday night in Zaventem. The last two sections of the bridge will be installed next weekend. Next, asphalt will be laid and lighting installed. The first cyclists should be able to use the bridge between the end of March and the beginning of April. Ney & Partners was responsible for the architectural design of the bridge. The project is part of “Werken aan de Ring”, by The Werkvennootschap, the agency that manages the coordination of Flemish mobility projects, under which this large-scale redevelopment of the Ring of Brussels. Ney & Partners are also involved as architects and engineers in other parts of “Werken aan de Ring”, like R0-East and Brabantnet. (copyright image De Werkvennootschap)

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