Info moments ‘Sneltram’, Flemish Region fast connection to Brussels (BE)

We are delighted to announce that De Werkvennootschap, our client organises a series of information sessions at the end of January to give you an insight into the Sneltram project.

* 30 January 17u00 – Infomarket Sneltram Londerzeel

* 31 January 17u00 – Infomarket Sneltram Willebroek

* 1 February 17h00 – Infomarket Sneltram Grimbergen

You are welcome if you want to gain insight into the progress of the Brabantnet projects and put your questions to the study team. Register now and be part of the transformation of our mobility infrastructure. Copyright image: Ney & Partners, Bureau Bas Smets, Tractebel.



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