Inauguration footbridge station Quimper, Quimper (FR)

Last week our first footbridge in France was inaugurated. The bridge spans over the railways and is intended for various users from tourists, train users to city dwellers. The bridge allows PMR (persons with reduced mobility) access to the rails. This is actually one of the main reasons why the bridge is done and why there are the 4 elevators. Because the canopy of the bridge is at 10 m height above the railways, it will work intuitively as a landmark and a signpost. The covered bridge consists of a central structure and two staircases. The sides are finished on both sides with a glass railing of 1.8 m, they offer an open view to the historic city with St. Corinthine Cathedral on one side and over the railways on the other side. In the cross-section of the footbridge, we see a central structure with a cantilevered roof, the typology reminiscent of the Vierendeel beam (square girders) frequently used in railway infrastructure. The lighting under the footbridge roof makes it appear as a lighthouse for the users in the evening and at night.

More info: https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/transports/la-passerelle-de-la-gare-de-quimper-officiellement-inauguree-3719613

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