Foundation stone posed for the new wing Design Museum Ghent (B)

The contractor has started preparatory works for the construction of the new wing. A limited part of existing structure will be demolished to link the new wing to the existing building. The museum is committed to urban mining: recycling valuable raw materials from urban waste. The materials released during demolition will be reused as much as possible, for example as aggregates in the new terrazzo floor finishes. After the demolition works, the foundations will be installed. This will be followed by an archaeological survey and the underground construction layer. Next on the programme is the construction of DING’s above-ground structure in timber massif. For the façade of DING, a circular facing brick will be made based on lime and Ghent construction waste (broken glass and concrete) by BC Materials. The brick is pressed rather than fired and thus has a lower carbon footprint.

The new wing will open its doors in 2026.

Ney & Partners are responsible for the structural design of the new building and the local interventions in the existing building upgrading it to current standards.

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