Copr Bay bridge winner of the Structural Steel Design Award 2023, Swansea (UK)

We are delighted to announce that together with our partners ACME London architects we won this award. Inspired by Ney & Partners’ original design of the Parkbridge of Antwerp, ACME invited us to join the design team as assisting architect as well as structural engineer for the dimensioning of the superstructure. The single 49 long span bridge is an eye-catching structure that is 12 wide and 6 m high and spans six lanes of traffic. It provides a safe and continuous connection between the different parts of Copr Bay. It reconnects Swansa’s city centre to its renowed coastline. Artist Marc Anthony Rees is the author of the used pattern in the steel. Comment of the jury: “The Copr Bay Bridge provides a dramatic new gateway to Swansea, with its striking form and colour acknowledging the Bay’s history as a centre of coal and copper production. Of particular note are the innovative stressed skin design and the quality of the manufacturing which have resulted in an exemplary project.”

Copyright image: Hufton+Crow

More info: https://www.bcsa.org.uk/resources/structural-steel-design-awards/

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