Construction works bicycle and pedestrian bridge ongoing, Menen (BE)

The construction of the approach ramps: reinforcement and pouring of the pile heads has started on both Leie banks. This S-shaped integral steel bridge will have a total length of 262 m. The bridge will be placed 7 m above the water surface to allow three-layer container shipping. The design took cyclists’ comfort into account by providing smooth curves and a gentle slope. The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge will be part of the cycle highway between Komen and Deinze. For the people of Menen, it will above all be a new sustainable and safe connection between Lauwe and Menen city centre.

Meanwhile, the components of the steel bridge are being made at CSM’s workshop in Hamont-Achel, Limburg. These will be shipped to Menen in early 2024. This project is a collaboration between the engineering firms Ney & Partners, SBE & Omgeving, contractors HYE and CSM for De Vlaamse Waterweg and the City of Menen. It is part of the European project Seine Scheldt Flanders.

©photos De Vlaamse Waterweg nv

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