Bridge design Ney & Partners wins Icelandic Environmental Prize 2022, Hveradalir, ICE

The Icelandic Tourist Board’s 2022 Environmental Prize was awarded to a design by Ney & Partners today. Hovering trails is, a collaboration with Alternance Architecture and concerns a series of floating self-supporting aluminum footpaths that protect the sensitive hot springs area at Skikàllon in Hveradalir with minimal contact points on the ground. This popular tourist destination needed to be protected and accessibility increased.  The design is a 1.5m path that transists into 3 m platforms and can be applied to natural or archaeological sensitive sites. Lighting and handrails are integrated into the design. The Icelandic award is intended to encourage environmental care when planning and developing tourist areas. https://www.ferdamalastofa.is/is/um-ferdamalastofu/frettir/hveradalir-stigagerd-um-hverasvaedid-hlytur-umhverfisverdlaun-ferdamalastofu-2022

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