Brabantnet mock-up stations tested in construction workshop, Hammont-Achel (BE)

Brabantnet is a collection of three inter-connected tramlines (Sneltram, Ringtram, and Luchthaventram) near Brussels, spanning a total of 30 km of railway infrastructure. Ney & Partners is responsible for the design of the bridges, tunnels and trams station infrastructure.  Belurba Urban furniture is in charge of the productions of the stations and takes care of the aluminums extrusion, milling of the profiles, anodization of the elements and pre-mounting. The coming months this stations will be mounted on the stations of the Ringtrambus between Jette, Vilvoorde and Brussels Airport. The same modular system is also used on the stations of the 2 other Brabantnet-projects: Luchthaventram and Sneltram, with variants for freestanding bike-sheds.

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