Designing Building Structures by Ney & Partners

Structural engineering and architecture are closely related to creative design. Both disciplines are diverse and different but there is a close interaction between the two as they both shape the primary elements composing a building. We are convinced that reinforcing a transdisciplinary approach and emphasizing the overlap between structu­ral engineering and architecture can significantly increase the quality of a project. We have been fortunate to be entrusted with this role by our clients, architects and contractors who share our belief that buildings should only be designed through a collaborative process. Based on a selection of building projects, this book aims to illustrate what is possible when an intensive dialogue between all the parties involved leads to an integrated design of building structures.

author(s) Vander Beken J., Gallez O., Jacques de Dixmude M., Lefèvre C., Néron L., Adriaenssens S.
publisher Ney & Partners, Brussels, 2022
pages 224 | colour | hardcover
isbn 978-9-46-459847-6

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